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The Beast Blender is likely to have been featured in Oprah’s 2021 Favorite Things List or Nordstrom’s Holiday Make it Pop-In. The aesthetically pleasing compact blender is making its rounds on nearly every tastemaker’s gift guide— as it should! Let me tell you, the Beast Blender has been my daily companion for several months.

Apart from its sleek, futuristic appearance that will make any countertop look great, the Beast Blender also has innovative technology that can blend soups, juices or sauces quickly. It’s unique in many aspects, including a 12-rib vessel that increases turbulence, automatic blade speed monitoring, and internal temperature monitoring. This blender is an Ivy League-level blend.

Since I love smoothies, and have tried a few blenders, it is important that my blender works well. No other blender could deliver the same results before I discovered Beast Blender.

With the Beast Blender, I can lock in the blending vessel and let it do its 1-minute blend program and not have to move a muscle. This magical kitchen tool is my favourite part.