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Once upon a time, fashion was lacking in stylish clothes that were truly universally available. Then? Khloe KardashianThe birth of’s Good American Clothing.

Khloe, proudly praising their desire to be curvier and sexier than ever, launched Good American. Emma GredeTo address the lack of clothing for all body types in denim, they created a brand called Denim Works. To address the issue they created an apparel brand that was suitable for every size woman, including those who are between plus and standard sizing.

Good American is proud to have been able to offer models and sizes for women of all backgrounds and shapes since then. They also donate regularly to Step Up which empowers under-resourced girls to realize their full potential. From comfortable jeans with pockets and jumpsuits, to shoes, swimwear, and active wear, Good American has a little something for everyone… which is why they’re so well loved.

Here are a few of the best Good American products we love. Now is the perfect time to stock up on their basics if you don’t have them in your closet.