Wendy Williams Her bank is competing head-to-head.

The daytime talk show host, who went on an indefinite hiatus from Wendy Williams ShowMore than six months ago Due to ongoing medical problems, she has spent her time fighting Wells Fargo for control over her finances.

Williams said Wells Fargo has denied her access to her financial assets and statements due to allegations that she’s “of unsound mind,” according to a signed affidavit she submitted to the Supreme Court of the State of New York in February and obtained by CelebHomes News.

The TV personality also alleged that by denying her access to the bank accounts, which she said contains “several million dollars,” Wells Fargo is “causing imminent and irreparable financial harm to myself, my family, and my business.”

Williams, the attorney, spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News. LaShawn T.She was double-downed on her claims. While Williams is “able to pay for food and things like that” in her daily life, Thomas said her client still cannot “log into her online accounts and see what’s going on with her assets,” including “what items have been deducted from her accounts.”