Cam would answer, “Why did they throw a blanket on our dreams?”

During a recent episode Andy Cohen: Live with Andy CohenHost Andy Cohen noted that the season finale of Modern Family—which aired April 2020—left the door open for a potential Mitch and Cam spin-off series following their new life together in Missouri. Why didn’t it make it onto our screens? Well, Jesse Tyler Ferguson revealed that while “there were discussions” to bring the spin-off to life, “the network decided against it.”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever said that,” Jesse—who played Mitch on the series alongside Eric Stonestreet as Cam—added. I think they just wanted to know if it was right for them to tell the same story. They were happy to go in another direction after being together for over 11 years.

Although ABC is unlikely to want to continue the Pritchett Family story, Andy helpfully said, “Hulu has programming needs.”

C’mon Hulu, pull through for us—we need more Fizbo the Clown content in our lives!