Victoria Monét is well on her way to becoming a musical juggernaut. 

The singer, songwriter producer has not only written songs for stars like Ariana Grande and Kelly Machine Gun, but she’s also made a career for herself as a performer.

“I’ve always been, from inception, writing for myself and wanting to perform and dance,” Victoria explained during CelebHomes News’ series, “Ones to Watch: Celebrating Black Voices.” “Music was the only way that I could merge all of my passions together, so being an artist and music was the best option for me. I feel songwriting is more satisfying than anything else.”

She said that her talent was being noticed by more people in the music business and she saw “many new doors” for herself as an artist. Victoria’s first EP was released. Nightmares & Lullabies: Act 1, in 2014, and she’s since added five additional records to her discography—all without the help of a label.

“Being able to tell my own story is really,” she said, “it’s a beautiful luxury for me right now.” But, she said, “Being an independent artist, it’s definitely not easy.”