Listen up, because Lala KentHere is her amazing story of plastic surgery.

It Vanderpump RulesIn a funny post-op Instagram video, star revealed that not only did she get a job as a boob, but she also got work done to her left ear. This was something she stated in an interview.

“Since when I was a small child [I wanted to fix my left ear]Her words were: US WeeklyOn July 18, “I’ve overcome so many anxieties throughout my entire life. [I]Accepted that my ear was not among them. It was then that I said, “If I can fix this, I’m going. My hair is always up.”

Bravo’s star feels better now that her hair is pinned up. She said, “Find a throwback photo of me with hair down.” She said, “I am telling you this ear has been snatched. Take a look at her. You are so adorable.”