According to him, “I feel that with responsibility comes immense motivation.” Kieron MooreDimitri Belikov, the Guardian trainer. This is something we all love to do. “I believe it will be visible on the screen.

Nieves stated, “I think it’s a bit of pressure but it’s also an honor for us as actors to love portraying these characters that are so loved by these people.”

But those expecting the series to be just another teen vampire show can think again. André Dae Kim—who portrays vampire Christian Ozera—told CelebHomes News, “I think if you’re coming into this thinking it’s gonna be one type of genre, you might be a little surprised, I think pleasantly surprised.”

CelebHomes News has a complete interview featuring the cast at 2022 Comic-Con.

Vampire AcademyPremieres September 15, on Peacock

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