There are many sex reveals that don’t work.
It was this time last month. Hannah CalverlyThe boyfriend, 18 years old Travis Gober, 19, decided to find out the sex of their baby with a baseball-themed reveal.
Hannah pitched a pitch to Travis during their TikTok video. Once he made contact with a bat, blue powder was released into the air, revealing that a baby boy is on the way. Hannah ran to the father-to-be but his University of New Orleans colleagues also ran, leaving Hannah standing by the sidelines as the men celebrated.
Travis and his team were not popular with many of the commenters who used TikTok to discuss the post. One even asked: “What about mom of the child?” Now, however, they are speaking out to condemn the Internet for its big response.
Hannah said that “I was certainly shocked,” she shared with CelebHomes News. “I know social media can only show the negative. So I was not surprised people only saw the good parts.