Now it’s time for a cut. 

A sneak peak at the tonight’s festivities Siwas Dance Pop Revolution, airing Tuesday, Nov. 23, Jessalynn Siwa It is up to the teen girl who will go home that she decides which one. It is even more difficult to remove a rising star when the team performs at a “phenomenal level”. 

It all comes down quickly to Tatum10. Bella, 12. 

Jessalynn said, “Tatum. I think that you’re so gifted.” “Your mom and I believe that you are more capable than you think you can be. You are a talented singer and a skilled dancer. You don’t seem to know what it is yet. 

Where Tatum’s issue is confidence, Jessalynn applauds Bella’s great work ethic—but also points out her weaker vocals. 

Jessalynn begins, “Bella! You’re an absolute dream to work alongside!” Jessalynn: “I believe you’re an amazing dancer.” [but]Your singing is frightening to me. You auditioned Wednesday night. 

Jessalynn’s child JoJo Siwa Jessalynn, as she looks on, opens up about her difficult decision. 

Jessalynn writes that “I have two incredible children, with two small weaknesses. I must send one home on this basis.” This is becoming so competitive that even the smallest things are important.