We are hopeful that this isn’t the end of our “f—-k off”.

Succession’s season finale is on Dec. 12 and it looks like it is going to bring the high-stakes drama to the bitter end. We are worried that Kendall might have to witness the slaughter of the lambs in the teaser for “All the Bells Say”.Jeremy Strong).  

Roman declares that “All will be revealed”Kieran CulkinShiv, his sister (Sarah Snook() who laughs at his passive-aggressive remarks. This might make fans nervous.

The brief teaser shows that the Roys make dramatic entrances, with the exception of one family member: the black sheep. Kendall, is it you trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Or are these legitimate exits from one of HBO’s most beloved dramas?

The group was last seen at their mom’s luxurious family wedding in Italy. But, we all know weddings are not really the happiest of affairs for Kendall, who killed the cater waiter at Shiv’s wedding—as Logan (Brian Cox() he is evilly reminded. You can call the kettle black.