“It was also set in a small town, kind of like where I’m from and where my novel Bonfire was set. It’s about sort of coming of age time in your life in a small town, and you want to get out but you don’t know what that means. I love the supernatural heightened playing field, where you have monsters and those stakes being real. And I love cults. So it was kind of all the things I love and want in an opportunity,” she explained.   

As an executive producer, Ritter was instrumental in adapting the series for Peacock, which is based on Crypt TV’s 2018 short film The Door in the Woods and the 2020 sequel of the same name.

“The awesome part about this job and when you’re doing a pilot and making all these early decisions, is we got to hire amazing department heads like the cinematographer and hiring the crew, the stunt coordinator,” Ritter explained. “And so being a part of that kind of just working with them was so amazing. They were so enthusiastic about the project and really passionate, and really supported me to bring my vision to life.”