You might want to put away your feathery crowny items, as the Fairly Oddparents will be returning.

Wanda, that’s correctSusanne BlakesleeCosmo (Daran NorrisThey are available to grant wishes for an entire new generation. Fairly OddParents, a new reboot on Paramount+. And while this iteration of the animated children’s classic is written for youngsters, Wanda and Cosmo—excuse us, Susanne and Daran—exclusively told CelebHomes News that the new show will also entertain fans of the original, which ran on Nickelodeon for 10 season between 2001 and 2017.

Susanne said, before being able to jump into the character. Wanda never changes, I’m still me.

Daran shared a similar sentiment and applauded Paramount+ “very cleverly” for revitalizing the Parents with Fairly Odd SituationsLive action gives brand a new dimension. The voice actors admitted that they were initially skeptical of the idea (Susanne believed she was losing her job!). The results were pleasant surprises for them.

Daran explained that the live action element adds so many things to this show. Daran said, “How brilliantly bright it is and how funny it makes us laugh. That’s what we need now.”