Reality TV became a little too real. Jonna Mannion

Cancun: The Real WorldVeteran has taken part in each of the three parts All Stars ChallengeParamount+, the spinoff from ItAfter winning the third season of All-Stars, Challenge has proved to be a formidable force. She is now the All-Stars’ only female champion. Jonna won her second consecutive victory. 

But her back-to-back victories almost didn’t happen after Beth StolarcyzkRumours circulated that Jonna had cheated on her husband. Kevin StephensWith her second season partner MJ Garrett. Jonna shared with CelebHomes News the shocking allegation that it was unfounded and that it almost cost her her job. 

Jonna stated, “I signed up to this, and my family supports me.” People know what you think and they will continue to hold that opinion.