As per tradition, Carli Lloyd is powering forward.

“Retirement life is great,” the two-time Olympic gold medalist, who closed the book on one of the most distinguished careers in U.S. soccer history last October, told CelebHomes News in an exclusive interview. People have claimed it was a difficult transition. But it wasn’t for me. I don’t think my identity is tied to being a soccer player. My life was not limited by soccer, so I could pursue my other dreams. I feel very blessed.

So I am enjoying every second of it. This was 17 years of hard work to reach the peak in the sport. Now I can enjoy my new life.

Lloyd shared that her 10 month stay home in 2020 during the COVID-19 epidemic caused international competition to cease was a way for her to imagine retirement. She also recalled how it was “really really nice” being able sit down and enjoy her marriage. Brian HollinsRegroup.

However, she still had much to learn before she gave up on her dreams.