Take a look at her right now.

After several difficult years—including public breakups with Justin Bieber And The Weeknd, a kidney transplant and lupus diagnosis—Selena Gomez Simply put, she learned how to love herself.

Selena said, “I went through, you know. Obviously, a very difficult breakup. And then, I had to ask myself, what is my future? Selena said The Hollywood Reporter. “And then I got my medical stuff.

But, looking on the other end of it, I must be truthful, it has actually been very good for my health. It helped me develop a character in which I won’t accept any type of nonsense or disrespect. And I’m proud of what I got out of it.

On the flip side, she is grateful for all the positives AndThere are also the downs. It was important for me to go through these things. The 29-year old said that she had to do a lot more soul-searching. While I can’t say I have everything figured out yet, I do know that I learned so much about my own life during this time.