If you’re wondering how KJ Apa takes his coffee, look no further.

It turns out that Riverdale star likes his roast warm with a bit of milk— Clara BerryTo be exact, it was his breast milk. Over the weekend, the new dad shared a video to Instagram with the caption, “My wife is a milk machine and I love it.”

The actor pours a little milk from a bottle into his newborn son’s mouth. Sasha‘s, at which point someone says, “KJ, no!”

He then turns to the person next to him and quips, “Merci beaucoup,” before taking a sip of his hot beverage. 

KJ’s video generated mixed reactions from his followers. Clara commented, “Happy for my family to eat.”

It seems that Riverdale co-star Vanessa Morgan is an advocate for drinking breast milk, as she shared, “Ahaha yessss i told you!” While Bella Thorne simply said, “This is amazing gross and amazing all at the same time hahaha.”