Quincy IsaiahHe knew that a hurricane was on the horizon.

This actor made his acting debut with the character Magic JohnsonHBO’s It’s Winning Time: How the Lakers Dynasty RisesBefore the production of the series began, she took proactive measures and sought therapy.

I knew that being on HBO was something I enjoyed. Adam McKay and playing Magic, a lot of eyeballs were going to be on me,” he told The Hollywood Reporter‘s Drama Actor Roundtable, “so it was like, ‘OK, get everything out now and then come back and just be smart about the way you’re going to move through the world.'”

Isaiah joined esteemed peers to appear on the roundtable Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Oscar Isaac, Tom Hilddleston and Brian CoxThe young actor was praised by a friend for his initiative. 

Jackson marveled, “That’s very clever,” Keaton declared. Jackson replied “I didn’t know that type of s-–t existed.” It just happened when it did.”