John Mulaney famously has told a joke about a horse loose in a hospital, and now he might have new material about a future-predicting tape measure in a hospital. 

Last month, the comedian visited Late Night, where the host asked him questions. Seth MeyersHe and his girlfriend Olivia Munn are expecting their first child together. Olivia was born on Thursday, October 28th. Late Night herself to offer Seth updates about the pregnancy.

Seth asked the soon to be first-time mother if she had ever received any baby advice that seemed promising. She then went on to question that statement. 

“The one piece of advice that’s coming to my head that I would not classify as great, but it’s the only one I’m thinking of right now is, I have a friend of mine who said she has a gift of being able to tell you how tall your baby will be,” the actress, 41, recalled. “She said, “Do you want to find out how tall your baby will grow?” So I said sure.”