Nicky Hilton Welcomes Baby No. James Rothschild: 3

Nicky HiltonSome things should be kept close to your chest.
As the 38-year-old heiress—who welcomed her third baby with husband James Rothschild in early July—exclusively told CelebHomes News, just weeks after their baby boy’s arrival, the couple has decided to hold tight to his name for the moment.
“My husband is very private,” Nicky said of the British financier during Tessa HiltonAugust 7, 2008, Malibu Baby Shower He finds this world very alien.
As for how Nicky—who is mom to daughters Lily-Grace Victoria Rothschild6, Marilyn Rothschild, Theodora “Teddy”, 4, with James—is enjoying being a mom of three? Let’s just say that she is getting used to her new sleep routine.
At the event, she said that “I used be able to sneak in a nap in,” and all attendees received gifts from her. Lisi Lurch jewelry, accessories and handbags collections. It’s not possible.

Nicky won’t tell you if her magic party of 5 works. CompleteThe idea of growing their family is not something they are open to. Her words were, “You can never predict the future.” However, we are extremely happy at the moment.