It is not possible for everything to last forever. 

If Mindy Kaling co-created Never have I ever been this happy!Its third season was dropped by Netflix on Aug. 12. She realized it would only be available for four more seasons. The show is about Devi, a high school student.Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her friends—and that’s a story with a very specific shelf life.

The series recently wrapped production on its upcoming fourth and final season, but given its success, we couldn’t help but fantasize about the idea of Never have I ever: College Years.

It’s hard for everyone to understand when you start a new show. After you get them all, it’s like “40 episodes?” That’s it ?,'” Mindy only told CelebHomes News. “I love Devi. She is my favorite character. Her family and friends are my best. This actress is amazing. “I would watch the show till she became a grandmother.”

If that makes it sound like Mindy has had a change of heart—brace yourself for heartbreak.