Everybody’s high school experience is different—just ask Mindy Kaling.

Star of the past The Office is a co-creator of Netflix’s Never Have You EverThe third season of ‘The CW’ just ended on August 12. Devi is the star of the show.Maitreyi RamakrishnanAs they try to navigate high school in California’s San Fernando Valley, Veronica (or ) with her eclectic group of friends. 

While the show deals with some tough real world issues—death, cultural differences, broken hearts—it’s undeniably more breezy and light-hearted than some of its contemporaries, namely HBO’s Euphoria.

Mindy stated that this is absolutely by design.

“I love” EuphoriaAnd, I think [creator] Sam [Levinson]It’s like being a genius. He has so much to share about sex, drug addiction, and other topics. But we aren’t very experienced in this area.” she said. The Hollywood Reporter Aug. 11. Aug. “We write about dorks, strivers, and those who are undervalued.”