Meghan McCainIt is your fate The ViewNine words sealed the deal. 

Interview on Podcast by The Commentary MagazineAugust 4, former chat host of daytime show, The Chat Show. She revealed the reasons that led her to leave the show in 2021.

McCain claimed that it was all over after she returned to the show from maternity leave. Her daughter was born. Liberty in Sept. 2020.

McCain declared, “I was finally able to go back to the program.” Joy BeharI said, “Nobody missed You, We didn’t Miss You, and you shouldn’t Have Come Back.”

Indeed, the verbal spat all went down live on the Jan. 5 episode of The View

McCain had interrupted Behar during Hot Topics, prompting Behar shouting, “I was speaking!” 

McCain laughed, and replied, Joy, I missed you so much during my maternity leave. You missed me so much. I missed you fighting alongside me. Do not act as if you have forgotten about fighting with me.