Meghan MarkleWhile she may be stepping down from her duties as Queen, there is a possibility that she will still be indicted by civil proceedings against. Prince AndrewThe victim has been accused by the authorities of sexual abuse. Virginia Giuffre

David BoiesGiuffre’s attorney, a lawyer representing him, said to The Daily Beast that his group is considering trying to remove the Duchess. Andrew denies the accusations against him and there has not been any suggestion Meghan was involved in any illegal activity. Andrew’s attorneys are scheduled to file their motion for dismissal of the case by Jan.

Boies says Meghan may face potential deposition because she is located in the U.S., so they have jurisdiction.

He continued, “Two”: she was someone who, evidently, for some time, was close to Prince Andrew. She is therefore in a position perhaps to have seen his actions and, if not, to have heard others talk about them.” She may have valuable knowledge because of her association with Prince Andrew in the past.