After taking the Billboard Music Awards red carpet in style, the couple won the show once more at the iHeartRadio Music Awards wearing coordinated pink-white satin ensembles. 

Adam, MGK stylist said on Instagram that last night was “punk prom”. “Did you catch the memo?”

Megan captioned Megan’s photo, “Daddy Issues Barbie.” Megan captioned her pic, “Daddy Issues Barbie.”Jennifer’s Body star, styled by Maeve, rocked a MACH & MACH look that included flare pants and a bustier style top. 

MGK, for his part, revealed that he was involved in many aspects of the suit’s short length. He posted on Instagram: “I took the butterfly from a flower pot, and the pink stitching, is literally my shoe lace.” The accessory of his choice was? uber-long fake nails, each decorated with an edgy black or pink pattern.