“One hundred percent they’re relationship goals, and it’s weird because I’ve been with them the longest,” Michael, who played a younger version of his dad’s character on Riverdale last year, told EntertaInment Tonight in August. August. We kind of grew up together. At least, that is how I see it.

He’ll take credit next for the success of Kelly and Mark, but Kelly will be there. These were only about the age their eldest son is now when they met and just Know.

Kelly (51), wrote “Happy Birthday to @instasuelos” in celebration of Mark’s 50th birthday. She had started getting people excited for this milestone by posting a number of shirtless photos of her husband. Here are some years that I have loved you more than 50 percent of your entire life. You were the one I wanted.” I could go on and on.” Here birthday Oct. 2, Mark dedicated a post to “my best friend, lover, confidant. My partner in dance… My forever girl.