The Real Housewives of New JerseyIs being investigated for another scandal of cheating.

Tonight’s Bravo hit show season 12 premiere is tonight Margaret JosephsAnd Jennifer Aydin‘s ongoing feud lead to an explosive revelation about Jen’s husband Bill Aydin.

The two got into a heated exchange and Margaret accused Jen of “not being honest” about the “skeletons” in her closet.

Margaret said, “You always claim Bill’s best. He had an affair. Everyone knows that. That’s why he quit his previous job.” Her marriage may not be as happy as she claims. Bill and the office manager had an affair for over two years.”

Jen, while not denigrating the bombshell, responded, “She wasn’t an office manager. She was a F–king Pharmaceutical Rep you idiot if the facts are straight.”

Both stars have now spoken out exclusively about their shocking revelations of cheating.

It was something I knew for many years, and not on the spur of the moment. “I just think that I was pushed past my breaking point by the hypocrisy, and that’s what it was,” Margaret said to CelebHomes News. She was speaking about Jen’s comments regarding Margaret meeting her husband. Joe BenignoThrough an extramarital affair.