You can’t put off your parental duties while on a tour across the country.

Grammy Award-winning Country Star Maren MorrisChatted with CelebHomes News Daily PopOn June 1, she announced that her 2-year old son would be coming along. Hayes Hurd, along for her Humble QuestThis summer, tour.

She said that he believes the tour bus is like a camp, or something. But he does get so excited. Loni Loving someone you loveAnd Garcelle Beauvais. My tour begins next week. This will be the first time I have ever toured with a child or baby, so I am excited. This is going to change the way I do things.

Maren was reunited with her husband in March 2020 when she welcomed her second son. Ryan HurdAt the same time that COVID-19 was shutting down, She said, “It was strange to give birth in an undetermined time for the world to my first child.” The COVID caused all of my touring to be canceled.