Who would’ve thought that Lexi Howard would be the one to take down Nate Jacobs?

We’re not. Because, for all of Nate’s faults, he’s strangely immune to attacks, even physical ones. And yet, it’s Lexi Howard’s school play, The Best Things in LifeThat absolutely destroys one of the most unredeemable characters. Euphoria.

However, we are too far ahead.

The Best Things in LifeIt starts on a strange note, as students begin to realize that Grace, Hallie and Marta are in fact Lexi.Maude Aptow), Cassie (Sydney SweeneyMaddyAlexa DemieKatBarbie FerreiraRue (Zendaya). The opening scene of Rue’s drug abuse and the death of her father is not helping. This would be a difficult scene for high school students.

Fezco, however, is not impressed by Lexi’s explanation.Angus CloudShe only had good intentions when she called them during their numerous phone calls.