Why Lady Gaga Didn’t Meet Patrizia Before House of Gucci

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House of GucciThe story may continue as follows Patrizia Reggiani—but for Lady GagaStepping into this role required her to understand the plot on her own terms.
Prior to the release of much-anticipated film, Academy Award winner Patrizia revealed the reasons she did not want to have a meeting with her real-life inspiration. She was nearly two decades behind bars for using a hit man in order to murder her ex husband. Maurizio Gucci.
“I did not want to see her, because I knew very quickly that she wanted to be glorified as a murderer,” she stated during her Nov. 16 appearance. Good Morning America. “And she wanted her criminal record to last forever.”
Patrizia was married to Maurizio on March 22, 1972. The couple later split in 1994. In March 1995, Maurizio was killed and shot by a hitman in front of his office. For her part in this crime, Patrizia received a sentence of 29 years imprisonment in 1997.
Lady Gaga said, “I did not want to conspire with anything I do not believe in,” “She had her husband murdered.”

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