“Before Thanksgiving, my Christmas decorations are up and my Hanukkah tree,” Kyle said. “I thrive on chaos. My husband and I are a hard worker. We have five children, four dogs, and five other pets. Many jobs are my forte. It is important to me that there are many jobs. 

Even Kyle’s loved ones see the similarities between Kyle and her competitive alter-ego in the Peacock original film The Housewives from the North Pole

“When my kids first saw the trailer, they thought, “Mom, this is it!” Please enter your email address! Kyle jokingly said, “This is insane.” “I am obsessed with holidays. Hanukkah is celebrated in our family, as well as Christmas. I did all of the blues and silver last week. Now I am moving on to the red and the green. Look at my holiday nails!”

To see Kyle’s full interview, click the link above. Ultimate Girls Trip for another season! 

The North Pole Housewives Peacock now streams video 

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