YikesThings are not looking good for Joe.

The heat is on Joe Millionaire: To Richer Or Poorer And It is notIn a positive way. CelebHomes News’ exclusive preview of episode 3 asks the girls whether they are able to answer that question. KurtIt was a genuine kiss that he shared with one woman. 

“So evidently now, we’re in like an awkward position.” AmandaKurt responds in this clip. Kurt says, “Do you wish to be open?” 

Kurt replies, “Yesh, we are open to being open.” “Let’s open our minds. All of us are here together. 

Kurt is refusing to concede and insists that the 28-year old fashion designer tells the truth. Kurt stated, “So we only need to feel how your feeling.” You can feel anything for me, or anyone else. “I don’t want to see you put on a performance.” 

Kurt appears to be annoyed and says he doesn’t “put on a show.” He adds that “I kissed you genuinely,” ok?

He continues, “And I’m supposed explore these things.” He continues, “And I don’t know how act. “So I don’t know the right answers.”