Kevin JonasI don’t accept unsolicited parenting tips.

Although she was only 34 years old, the singer was still the founding member. Jonas Brothers He is reserving the right to tell his brothers that he wants to be a father. Nick and Joe Jonas—who are now fathers to little ones—how to parent their children. After all, Kevin and his wife, Danielle Jonas, “did it our way” when they first welcomed daughters Alena, 8,And ValentinaCelebHomes News: 5 Daily PopHosting Justin Sylvester.

Everybody is going their own path. “It’s their adventure,” he stated during an interview with Danielle when he was asked for tips to Nick or Joe. Each person has their own way.

The “Lovebug” artist went on to say that doling out uninvited advice is “not the good thing to do,” noting that he would “instantly shut it down” if someone ever tried to tell him what to do with his own kids.

He stated, “We’ve learnt to just live our best life.”