Do not set your sights on a Capeside return. 

Dawson’s CreekStar Katie Holmes,She played Joey Potter six times from 1998 through 2003 and said that she’s not interested in joining the TV reboot. 

Katie shared, “I’m so grateful that experience,” Screen RantJuly 25, We’ve talked about it many times over the years. But, I think that this show captures that period of time and time in our lives.”

According to Holmes, her fellow cast mates—including James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams Joshua Jackson—agree with the assessment.

It’s wonderful that you feel nostalgic about it. As I am. “But it’s like: Do we want to not see them at that age?” the 43-year old argued. “We decided that it wasn’t.” (Not to mention, Michelle’s character—spoiler—died at the end of the series.)

Jackson (who played Pacey) said that he does not want to take part in a televised Reunion, similar to the FriendsIn May 2021, cast took place.