These days, as the first source explains, Ye “will do anything to win Kim back,” however, “deep down, he knows it’s not going to happen.”

Kim, who filed for divorce in February 2017, has stated that she is moving on from “Jesus Is King”, the rapper.

For one, the 41-year-old reality TVStar started dating comedian and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson CelebHomes News was contacted by a source who knew Kim in November. They said that they were “really happy” and are looking forward to seeing what happens.

Just this week, Kim’s lawyer stated in court documents obtained by CelebHomes News that she “has no desire to reconcile” with Ye.

The documents stated that irreconcilable disagreements have caused the irremediable breakup of the marriage. Counselling or any other methods are not possible to save the union. “The technical marital status must be maintained between the parties.” [Kim] and [Ye] serves no useful purpose, there is no reason to maintain the legal relationship.”