The good things in life are endless Justin Bieber.

His new single, “Honest”, was just released by him. Hailey BieberThey are married happily and he is currently on his Justice World Tour. It took him a while to reach this point, but he opened up on May 2, when he spoke about it. The Ebro Show.

Justin, 28 years old said that “it’s a long journey.” It’s a journey. I can remember having an emotional breakdown when I got married. I believed marriage would solve all of my problems. I think it was an indication that you are a hypocrite. It’s like, “You want your wife doing something that you don’t do.” It’s almost like you want your wife to do something that’s not possible. Sometimes it can be hard to see yourself in the mirror, and realize that maybe you aren’t the person you thought you were. It’s not the fault of life or trauma.