Joey KingDoesn’t think one way in hair.

The Bullet Train actress, who recently debuted a vibrant pink bob at the Berlin premiere, opened up about why she’s not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to her hair. More specifically, Joey told AllureAccording to her latest digital cover, she said she would “absolutely” shave off her hair. 

“I think all women should have a career.” [shave their head]She said that everyone should experience this at least once in his or her lifetime. I’ve never been more at ease with my beauty. “I couldn’t conceal my hair.”

Throughout Joey’s decades-long career, she’s rocked the buzzcut not once, not twice but Three times. At just 11 years old, she went bald for the first time in The Dark Knight RisesAgain, Wish I was Here at 14. More recently, at age 20, she shaved her head for Hulu’s 2019 limited series, Act