Do you remember when Parents Television Council declared Gossip Girl “mind-blowingly inappropriate”? In retrospect, Jessica SzohrThey thought they were right.

Having looked back on her days playing Vanessa Abrams in the racy CW series, she can safely say that her kids are not allowed to binge the series. “Being a mom, when I watch it back I’m like, ‘Well, we’re never ever going to watch the show,” the star told CelebHomes News in an exclusive interview, adding stepdaughter Lexi and 1-year-old Bowie “can’t see this.”

Star, who launched recently the Gossip Girl podcast XOXOHe marvelled at the way executive producers made high school students do all kinds of crazy things, including drug abuse and threesomes.

After describing a laundry-list of the original 22 episodes, she said: ” Serena [Blake Lively] admits that she killed someone, Blair [Leighton Meester] loses her virginity to Chuck [Ed Westwick]Nate, in the back seat of a limousine [Chace Crawford] has an affair with an older woman, Vanessa comes back, Dan [Penn Badgley] and Serena’s relationship, Lily [Kelly Rutherford]Gets proposed to. That’s just season one and I’ve only said six things!”