Raquel LevissShe is her protector. 

It Vanderpump Rules star took to Instagram after the Bravo series’ emotional season nine reunion aired—during which Raquel and her ex fiancé James Kennedy told their co-stars they were breaking up—to share a screen-recorded note titled “Morning thoughts.” 

“I remember to be mindful of how other people react when I do things.” [is]The note stated that this was not the place for concern. Control is the act of trying to influence others’ perceptions of you.

Seemingly referencing the “unengagement party” she threw—and perhaps the fact that during the reunion, she opened up about her and James’ broken relationship and how they hadn’t been intimate for more than two years—Raquel wrote, “Some people will think what I did last night was cruel and heartless. “I did my best to meet MY NEEDS.” 

Added the aspiring occupational therapist, “I am learning how to not feel remorse for putting myself before others.”