Jessica Simpson might have just teased that new music is coming. At least that’s the belief of her fans.

Simpson shared two photos with cryptic messages on Instagram Wednesday, November 10, which fans were thrilled to see. 

The first was a snapshot of Simpson with her head angled down as she held onto a microphone with one hand, while the second was a black-and-white image of a piano. Both images appear to be linked together as they share the same caption: “11.11.” 

After the initial wave of comments of “WHAT,” “OMG” and “YES,” fans quickly began to speculate about whether the caption was a nod to Thursday’s date, indicating that new music from Simpson would arrive or at least be announced on Nov. 11.  

What! Tell me you’re going to get a new single. !!!!!” One fan said, “Please!” 

Another shared that they believed the photos could be from a potential new music video to go along with her 2020 memoir Open BookThey wrote: They wrote, “*Screaming* I can only imagine that is a music video for the Open Book songs or finally the new album!!!!!”