From Bachelor Nation to Baby Nation Jason TartickAnd Kaitlyn AristoweAre ready for the next major step in their love story.
Kaitlyn and Jason spoke out exclusively to CelebHomes News about their future plans. The pair hope to grow their empires, according to Kaitlyn and Jason. They are their families.
Kaitlyn stated, “Hopefully we will have a wedding and hopefully babies.” I want to continue growing my business. My dream vision board probably [is]Host Dancing With the Stars“Have babies.”

Jason also suggested that the “babies” part could happen sooner than expected. 
“Your psychic said you were going to… [get pregnant]Kaitlyn was shocked to hear this from Jason. Kaitlyn answered, “She did.” She said that ‘your baby is close.'”
The pair may not know each other, but they do share their thoughts. How close, they do have some potential wedding updates—information they are sparingly dishing out to fans. Jason said that the wedding would be held in Nashville, Tenn. but it is not known when exactly.