Jana went Instagram official with Ian on Jan. 11, nine months after filing for divorce from Mike CaussinHer husband for six years,

Her split from Mike, 34-year-old, was confirmed on April 21 by her Instagram post, which said, “I have loved hard.” I’ve forgiven. It was worth the effort. Everything I have has been given, so I don’t have anything left. ‘It’s time.’ It is important to know that I remain steadfastly committed to marriage, love, rebuilding, and the possibility of a second chance. “I can’t continue fighting.” It is time to heal.”

Jana and Mike have been co-parenting their daughter since July. Jana was open to moving on after the split. Jolie5. and son Jace, 3. Her September interview was at 3. Us WeeklyShe and her ex-footballer husband have decided not to allow their children to be introduced to random people.

Her explanation was that “I will not meet the children of someone else or expose my children to anybody until I’m in a serious relationship.” It’s crucial to be steady in a relationship. Mike and me are very good at that. That’s what we have been doing for years. [keeping an]Keep an eye out for that. You need it to be serious.