“It was difficult to start because I first started attending all the Latino Awards, and I was always the one with the colored hair. Sometimes I wore these items that weren’t appropriate for my skin. [seeing] in Latino entertainment before,” he explained. They were like, “This guy is crazy.” “Where’s his mind at?” They might be correct. However, my goal was to make people see we are more than Latinos. It’s the fact that there is space for us in this world.

He added, “But, it didn’t harm me because I knew exactly where my goal was, and I still know exactly what that is.”

“I dress the way that I feel good because it’s what I want,” he stated. “If you feel a kind of way with what I’m wearing…well, either you like or not, but there’s nothing for you to feel disrespected about.”

J Balvin pointed out that restricting fashion choices, particularly when it comes down to a machismo mentality, is a bad idea. The future is now.