Hilary DuffIt isn’t possible to confirm that Lizzie McGuireReboot is “So Yesterday”

While the actress seemed frustrated by the reboot’s cancellation in December 2020, she seems more optimistic about its prospects now that a year has gone by. On her part, she said that the reboot is not dead but it was still viable. The Cut Podcast. I believe there is always possibility. It’s not like she cares if her age is 40. “It’s going to be interesting for people to see her end up.

However, before everyone starts singing about how it is the stuff of dreams, she stated, “I don’t really like to talk about that because the Internet seems explod whenever Lizzie stuff are raised.”

Yes, you are charged. Lizzie fans have been avidly following this story since Disney first announced they would be reviving the series in August 2019. Hilary said that Lizzie had been there in pre-teens for all of them and was thrilled to see her back. It was her best friend and she would be my greatest friend.