HalseyTheir health should be a priority.

The superstar singer made a brief appearance at the 2022 Grammys on April 3 before exiting the ceremony. “Not feeling super well so I left early,” Halsey, who was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album, wrote to fans on Instagram Story alongside a selfie. “Had to see BTS tho.”

“Going to get pasta and sleep,” they continued. Thanks for everything, luv you all!”

A day before the Grammys, Halsey took to Instagram to share a health update with their fans. In an April 2 Instagram post, the artist from “Eastside” wrote that the Grammys were her last visit in 2017. This was three days after my first Endometriosis operation. “I walked down the red carpet with all my stitches in.”

“As luck would allow, I’m at the hospital tomorrow. I have had surgery again (3 days ago),” Halsey said. She gave birth to baby. The EnderIn July, not noted. This is all I have to say. Please be kind and gentle with me. I am fragile but very excited.