Happy 47th Birthday Freddie Prinze Jr. — Look Back!

China is the traditional 20th-anniversary present for those who are more traditional. What are you waiting for? Sarah Michelle GellarAnd Freddie Prinze Jr. hit that particular milestone this September, they might consider shipping off a porcelain piece to their good friend. 

Because had their mutual pal not missed her flight to the west coast on that fateful January 2000 day, the Let me know what you did last summer costars may have just carried on indefinitely as buddies who have the occasional friendly meal. 

Gellar wrote on Instagram, that she decided instead to have dinner with her non-showing companion. 

And at upscale sushi eatery Asanebo, Gellar did something that left Prinze floored. “A lot of girls back then in Hollywood—as far as the actresses—they didn’t eat. They ate salad,” the onetime aspiring chef recalled in a 2016 Facebook Live interview. Sarah came along to my dinner and we all sat down. “She ate all of it, even a crab they allowed to walk along the counter. They then let the crab die while it was still alive, and she said, “It’s popcorn!” 

She popped the crustacean into her mouth and everything clicked.