It looks like we will not be getting Susan SarandonThis is a surprise country music release by. 

Fox reported that Fox had announced the following Wednesday (12 January 2012). MonarchThe drama series featuring Sarandon is called. Trace Adkins and Anna Friel, which was set to premiere Jan. 30, will now premiere in the fall due to COVID-19.

“With an incredible pedigree of talent musical performances, the powerfully compelling drama, Monarch, is a top priority for Fox Entertainment in 2022,” the Fox Entertainment spokesperson said. Due to the unfortunate reality of Covid-19’s impact on the global industry, as well as other unavoidable factors, we have to revise the scheduling. Monarch“The Fall’s debut by’s January 30th.”

According to the spokesperson, Fox’s 2022-23 schedule, which shifts a show this large, allows them to produce its entirety, make additional content, promote launch and provide our viewers with the best possible experience. Our cast, writers, and crew are grateful for all their hard work. Monarch.”