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Ciara, the superstar, style icon and founder and CEO of Beauty Marks Entertainment, has been wowing us ever since she first came out with her debut single, “Goodies.” Nowadays, we just can’t get enough of her ventures in the fashion industry. 

LITA by Ciara, which was just launched in August 2021, was created around the idea that we have the power to do anything with love. LITA is actually “love Is the Answer”. Ciara’s fashion lines are truly unique because of this idea. 

As Ciara wrote in an Instagram post announcing the line, “Women have an incredibly expansive gift for expressing Love. Our Love makes a difference. Our ability to love gives us power. Every step of this process was filled with love!

According to her, the brand was inspired by the vintage staple pieces in her closet. “I’m a High-Low fashion kind of girl, and Tom Boy Chic is my style,” Ciara shared on Instagram. LITA is to become your fashion friend, your go-to shop from morning to night.

We couldn’t agree with her more. She added, “LITA has your fashion needs covered.” Whether you’re looking for a new go-to pair of boots or a stylish bold sweater, LITA has it all.