However The Weeknd didn’t exactly call out her name, fans have good reason to believe the starboy sang about Angelina Jolie on his brand new album. 

Fans were treated to his new fifth studio album on Friday, 7 January. Dawn FM. Once the songs officially dropped, it wasn’t long before listeners were dissecting every new lyric, including the ones that seem to point at his friendship with the Oscar winner.

In the song “Here We Go…Again,” the star at 31 sings: “And my girl, she a star/My girl, they a star/I loved them right, make their screams like Neve CampbellBut when I make her smile, she swears it heals my depressin’ thoughts.

Jolie recognizes her even though he can’t name her. Is a movie star that The Weeknd was linked to in 2021, the pair reportedly dining together on two separate occasions. However, neither had addressed the speculation—until now, if we count the singer’s not-so-thinly-veiled lyrics.