Ben Affleck, do you get déjà vu when she’s with you?

You feel like you are stepping back in time. Justice League actor is back together with Jennifer Lopez, making us relive 2002 in all kinds of ways.

However, fans believe that the singer could be hiding something. ActuallyBe getting a makeover and recreating the 2002 video she made for Jenny from The Block, which featured her ex-boyfriend. AndAs paparazzi took their most private moments, Ben captured them with his now-boyfriend.

Today, not much has changed (aside from their separate marriages, kids and divorces). J.Lo and Ben are still dominating headlines whenever they step out in public, show a little PDA or take off on a romantic vacation (all of which seem to be happening a lot these days).

Some of the news-making moments they have seem to be a bit stale. You can also familiar to Bennifer stans. Fans can’t stop theorizing about why certain paparazzi photos from 2021 look straight out of her “Jenny from the Block” music video, which turns 19 November 15. And, according to her own lyrics, she’s still Jenny from the block—no matter the headline clips.