Drew applauds Euphoria for its portrayal of drug addiction

Paging Dr. Shepherd?

This is the latest episode Euphoria,which was broadcast on Sunday, January 23rd. Fans were taken back to CalEric DaneThe senior year of high school is a crucial moment that will define his entire life. The viewer sees the young jock as portrayed in Elias KacavasHe has begun to explore his sexuality when he dates Marsha. Although he enjoys having sex and spending time with Marsha, it appears that he is more comfortable with Derek (his best friend).Henry Eikenberry(with whom he shared a bittersweet kiss in a gay bar on the night of graduation.

But after sharing a magical night with Derek, Cal has a rude awakening when Marsha tells him that she’s pregnant. 

And just as suddenly, viewers are transported back to present day, a striking juxtaposition to the sun-filled days of Cal’s senior year. In contrast, Cal now spends his time hooking up with strangers and imagining how he could end his life.